Why I do Vector Art.

Here are some of the vector drawings that I do in my free time. I take inspiration from other artists I see and also try to come up with my own design at the same time. I got into vector art during the summer of 2016 and haven't stopped practicing since. I enjoy vector drawings because the possibilities are endless and it's fun to challenge yourself from time to time. I hope you enjoy them as well!

Polar Bear & Wolf Landscape

Wolf, Birds, and Stars over the Moon

Space Shuttle

Animals and Sunset #1


Animals and Sunset #2

Oh Yeah!! Studios Logo

Big Nerds Play Logo

Nintendo Switch

African Savannah

Winter Landscape

Headphones #1

Window silhouette


"U" Monogram Logo


Sunset at the Lake

Hexagon Effect Wallpaper

Headphones #2

Penrose Triangle