From March 2017-2018 I was a Contract UX Designer (Freelance) at Tosolini Productions where my roles were to do UX & visual design for projects, manage the company website, edit videos, and conduct experimental R&D. I also did some brand identity work for them as well. Below are some of the projects that I've worked on during my time at Tosolini Productions.


Website Redesign

When I first started with Tosolini Productions, I was tasked with making their website mobile-friendly, as well as making the previous design more elegant and easier to use. Using WordPress, I was able to create a design that fit their needs.

I decided to go with a one page design due to ease of use. I needed to create a blog site for an upcoming blog, so I had to prepare that as well in WordPress. Since the redesign, I've been updating the website with current projects, blog posts, and copy.

Retractable Banner for Events

During September 2017, I was tasked to create a retractable banner for Tosolini Productions. This retractable banner was to be used for events in the future for the company.

The banner needed to portray the aspects of the company, which included AR/VR, touch screen solutions, and Matterport 3D scanning. I included the honeycomb image designs to create more depth and variety for the banner. The banner also needed to show various social media profiles. The initial banner design included a QR code, but due to limited space, it was omitted.

I created the retractable banner using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Museum of Flight ARKit Demo

This is an ARKit demo for the Museum of Flight that I edited and shot for Tosolini Productions in May 2017. I took videos and screen captures of the ARKit and b-roll footage and to edit it into a promo video in one day. This video was made for marketing uses for Tosolini Productions as well as to put in the website as a work project. As a team, we went to the Museum of Flight to shoot footage alongside the original prototype of the Boeing 737 and to learn more about the historic significance of the Boeing 737.

This project and video has been featured in Geekwire, SPAR3D, Next Reality, and Matterport.

Hive Event 360° Infographic

This is a 360° infographic I made for the Hive Event on September 28, 2017 hosted at the Microsoft Visitor Center. The goal was to create a 360 sphere featuring the name of the event, logos of the sponsors, and a section of Tosolini Productions branding and links to our best works. Everything was to be wrapped in Seekbeak to demo to the event organizers as well as for people who would be attending the Tosolini Productions panel. 

I created the infographic using Adobe After Effects with the Mettle plug-in. You can also see the full 360° infographic in action here.

Touch Screen Solutions Demo Reel

This is a demo reel that I created for Tosolini Production's Interactive Digital Signage services. The goal was to create a one minute video showcasing the type of Interative Signage Tosolini Production creates for their clients.

I was given the screen recordings and tasked to create a sizzle demo reel. I created this is Adobe Premiere Pro.