This is a personal project to redesign the SoundCloud UI redesign. The inspiration for this concept for SoundCloud was by my continuing use of using SoundCloud on the desktop instead of the mobile application. I was slowly driven away by the user interface of SoundCloud feeling too crammed as it felt too many things were on the screen at the same time.


How do I make the SoundCloud user-interface more efficient to use for the user while still maintaining the core experience of using SoundCloud and staying within the guidelines of Google Material Design?

Tools Used

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • InVision

  • Mockplus


Here are my wireframes that I made with Mockplus before I began working on the high-fidelity UI redesign. I wanted to create a material design that would compliment the Android OS. My main goal was to make sure placement was ideal in the redesign. I also wanted to create a design that flowed cohesively with one another.

High-Fidelity Design

This is the end result of my SoundCloud UI redesign. You can also check this project out on Behance.