Internship Overview

At Haiku Deck, I was a Design Intern from July 2016 - September 2016. My task as an intern was to design and research presentation templates for their upcoming presentation software update. I was also to help with branding related tasks when need be. 


I was to design 20 presentation templates ranging from simple designed presentations to more complex designs. Since I never actually took much effort into presentation design, I had to research and immerse myself into the presentation design world. To do so, I went to many websites and resources such as SlideShare, Speakerdeck, Dribble, as well as researching presentation best practices from people such as Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte. From here, I was able to grasp a good understanding of presentation best practices and develop my own taste of presentation design. 

Design Process

I decided to design my presentation templates in Adobe Illustrator since it gives me a lot of creative freedom in a 2D environment. I stuck to making my presentations looking more minimalist but also a "designy" taste with them. Each template I created was to have a total of 8-10 slides. These slides needed to include: Title, Main Ideas, Details, Supporting Ideas, Quotes, Data, and Conclusion slides. I needed to create these templates with a broad audience in mind as that is much of the Haiku Deck user base.

I wanted to continue the style that Haiku Deck has made a name for itself, being that the templates are simple and easy to use.  Each template that I created had this in mind as I wanted to have continuity of design as well as an ability to mix and match the templates if the user wanted to in the future.  


I was able to complete the 20 presentation template goal before the new presentation software was finished in the development phase. Here are some of the presentation template slides that I created for Haiku Deck: