Blabber is a prototype application made in Balsamiq. Blabber's goal was to create an application that could improve the way people use their social media applications on a daily basis. Using techniques such as Balsamiq Mockups, logo design, mood boards, and story-boarding, the Blabber team was able to create a mock application that served as a one-stop-shop for ways to communicate on social media without needing to switch through many applications. Blabber is a project in the Interactive Media Design major from Winter Quarter 2015.

My Role and Duties

  • UI/UX Design of Balsamiq Click-Through

  • Logo Design

  • Wireframes


  • How can we redesign traditional social media outlets and conceptualize a new way to create a communications aggregator?


Right off the bat we created storyboards and personas for our target audience. We needed to research to find our what the needs and wants of the user would be. Our primary way of conducting research was in-person interviews as well as surveys. 

We were able to conceptualize what we wanted in a social media aggregator right after the research phase was done. From here I helped design our logo, wireframe, and branding guide. We also went on and created a mid-fidelity click-through using Balsamiq to showcase the features that we proposed would be in a social media and communications aggregator.

Here are some links that also display the design process in the making of Blabber:


At the end of the assignment, we did have a conceptualized design in our click-through. However, our design was still too complicated to really bring to the next stage. We jam packed too many features into one application. It was a great learning experience for me because it showed me that too many features can clutter an application and you need to give the user some space in the design to digest things through.